Joy and Peace - At home with Tash Sillitoe-Duck

Having enjoyed a variety of lock-down journals in recent times, we felt inspired to document and share ours with you. First-up, Store Manager Tash gives us an insight into her life over the past couple of months from her home in Totnes, Devon.

Hey hey!
So where do I start?! Well, its been a crazy and surreal couple of months hasn't it? I'm sat here with a completely different set of emotions as to when this all started. I guess I've gotten used to this new normal that lockdown/isolation has given me, and I'm alright with that…

Oh, how I've missed the shop, Claire and all of our lovely customers. I miss the chats, giggles, wearing clothes other than PJ’s, lipstick, pottering about with all of the plants and good COFFEE!!

It may have taken a bit longer than I expected, but I have embraced the quiet home life.
Yes, I may have had the occasional alcoholic beverage just past 12pm, cried, contemplated cutting myself a fringe, (thank goodness for Yoke the salon's Insta stories telling me not to), slept in very, very late, attempted to learn some sort of TikTok dance with my teenager, eaten all the lockdown snacks in a day, and cried again....its ok...I’m safe at home.

I live in a rented, (not sure which century, but I know it’s pretty old), house in Totnes, with my husband Stu and 15 year old daughter Rosie.
The first couple of weeks were us adjusting to our new lifestyle - Stu, working from home, Rosie, going through all the mood swings of a teen and me, setting up base in our living room - my room. We’ve prepared and eaten dinner together most evenings, had movie nights, and have generally had a lovely time with each other. We’ve come to the realisation that we can live together 24/7 and its enjoyable!

I have always been pretty good at the slow (ok ok, lazy!) life, so getting comfy on the sofa with remote in hand was a joy to behold! I'll happily admit managing to watch all of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films back to back in the space of 3...ok maybe 2 days.
I’ve watched it all, crime, drama, comedy... here’s my top lockdown binge-worthy hits:
Happy valley
Killing Eve
The Durrells

However, a T.V-binge high can't last forever and boredom does kick in. Inspired by the numerous interiors accounts I follow on Instagram and Pinterest, I turned my attention to the living room. There was plenty of re-arranging of furniture, which is always one of those things that I wish I'd never started. With a new layout, I painted a wall mural, (I had been putting this off for a while), but with left over paint samples, I got stuck in.

I've really enjoyed taking the time to read and take in my beautiful plant books which I've been saving for a rainy day. With an increased confidence in my plant knowledge, my indoor plants have never looked so happy. Unfortunately, the living room has a horrendous carpet, (being a rental property), and we may have missed out on getting that perfect sofa in time, but with my little touches and plenty of plants, I’ve managed to create my own little jungle sanctuary that I love spending time in.


When it comes to spending time with friends and family, FaceTime has been brilliant. Being able to chat and see their faces has been a lovely way to stay connected. My good friend Rosie introduced me to a really good video chat app called Marco Polo - it has been a saviour during this time. Talking everyday about our ups and downs has definitely been helpful. We have our girly catch-ups on Fridays, it's a good excuse to get the gin flowing whilst talking and giggling for hours. I think the longest 'session' was 4 hrs with some of the girls crawling into bed whilst still chatting.

Having no garden, the river down the road has been a welcome break from so much time indoors. Walks have been mostly very quiet and manageable to socially distance from others -  catching a glimpse of the resident seal continues to be a real highlight.. We’ve enjoyed the clapping for key workers on Thursdays and it truly makes me smile seeing all of our neighbours out with their pots and wooden spoons.
All in all it has been weird and testing at times staying in, but I feel extremely grateful and thankful for all the people out there helping us to stay safe throughout this crazy time. When the time comes to re-emerge, I’ll slap on the red lippy, smile my biggest smile and look forward to saying hi to you all!!